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I dont think I have ever been as immersed in a video game as I have while playing Skyrim for the first time. I think it hit me while in Whiterun. The goal of /r/ Games is to provide a place for informative and interesting gaming content and discussions. Submissions should be for the. I dont think I have ever been as immersed in a video game as I have while playing Skyrim for the first time. I think it hit me while in Whiterun. I think the high point of immersion though was when some lady asked me to clear the rats out of her cellar. Could not play amnesia without talking to a friend on steam chat. Whereas I forgot what I did in skyrim a month ago. No piracy, even "abandonware". There are alternative ways to beat the game, 3 doors per gun upgrade I think, some of which were PAINFULLY hard to figure out. Submit only the original source of the content. Shadow of Chernobyl, very glad to see it already listed. I think it will actually surpass, in terms of impressiveness and immersion, my childhood and adolescent experiences with games. I still remember seeing that abomination , Patches, spawning in Duskwood it spawned at a set time or upon a player's completion of a quest I believe , and witnessing other players kiting it to the town area. Yeah, I found myself relying more on VATS and companions with more health when they were more fragile. And in turn this sense of freedom and realism contributed enormously to the success of the game. Red Dead Redemption, I just spent time slowly walking the horse round areas, I love westerns and adored that game and it's immersion. Minus the very last climax of the story, the vast majority of issues in the game seemed like a natural progression from the problems in modern society. The environment, lighting, sound, and characters all meshed together so well in all three games. Though recently playing Red Orchestra 2 has invoked those feelings, but not nearly as much. The Thief games, especially 2, were just so captivating. Some of the most immersive video games include characters that react realistically to your presence — the muttering scientists in Book of ra austricksen, the nuanced conversations in Mass Effect, Yorda taking your hand in Spanischer titel — often the hints are miniscule, but they drag us into the game, because we recognise them from our own emotional lives. The Card Game does it even better. Chat with us on IRC or Discord Message the mods Got a neat photo for the banner? I haus bauen spiel kostenlos myself extremely immersed in:. What euro palace casino auszahlung of immersive?

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It has immersion pouring out of the screen with right missions. There is so much detail and the Codex can be read for hours; it is easy to see the developers went all out. This helped made the characters feel very real. Following Reddiquette is encouraged. Even though you were on one ship, you might as well have been in another world entirely. This game is amazing.

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